Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

Aside from table tennis, one of my favourite sports to play and watch is badminton. I love the pace of badminton, how it can change from slow to fast in an instance. Some of the doubles rallies are absolutely crazy – such amazing skill, speed and reflexes.

A lot of people start playing badminton in the UK each year and one of the first challenges is choosing which badminton racket to buy. There is a lot of choice available – different brands, different weights, different amounts of shaft flexibility.

So in this article, I am going to give some helpful advice about buying a best badminton racket for beginner players in the UK. The article is based upon my own experiences of playing badminton and advice from badminton coaches. I also give a few recommendations of Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021 you can buy.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

1.Senston N80

Large and light, the single-piece carbon fibre racket that expresses quality at a reasonable price.
A racket with this type of high-quality construction is geared around performance. Everything from the super-light 80-gram frame, to the enlarged head and a slim shaft is pieced together to produce a piece of equipment that feels incredibly professional.

The large head naturally comes with an enlarged sweet spot adding distance to your shots, especially when paired with the sturdy, yet lightweight. Additionally, the shaft, as well as the frame, has been sliced down to improve its movement through the air.

This fairly whippy, yet rugged racket, offers enough flex for a range of playing ability, but most importantly, its premium build quality is what really sells it.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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2.Yonex Voltric 7

If you regard badminton a bigger sport than just a hobby, you ought to know for definite that playing it good requires a quality racket. The Yonex Voltric 7 being valued by so many professional badminton players worldwide is surely a decent alternative to consider, provided that you do play the game more often than not. This is one of the most manoeuvrable rackets one can find as of today, thanks to the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM and added weight to the upper and lower parts of the head. High-quality strings along with a sweet spot ensure that a player can make the hits stronger even with a shuttle being off-center, directing it in the desired direction. Judging from the design, the Yonex Voltric 7 offers great comfort during playing too, owing to a special control cap for a firm grip and built-in jointer for durability. And if you’re a skilled player who can’t survive without playing badminton, purchasing the Yonex Voltric 7 will let you bring your game to a new pro level helping surpass more experienced players in the field

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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3.Senston 2 Pieces Carbon Alloy Badminton Set

The new Senston 2 Pieces Carbon Alloy Badminton racket from Li-Ning provides maximum power with a heavy head and stiffer shaft.

Li-Ning DRIVE rackets feature a stiffer shaft and highly elastic head design rapid repulsion power. Suitable for fast players that are skilled in switching quickly between offence and defence.

The Li-Ning 3D Calibar series features a high-tech, geometric frame design that greatly reduces air resistance. It produces faster swing speeds for bigger smashes and gains outstanding reviews from strong players that are looking for maximum power. Keyword: POWERFUL!

TB-Nano – The nanometer technology combines the carbon fibre and resin more closely, which provides better elasticity, stability and durability, and brings you a more powerful striking.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame – The sweet-spot extends upwards and the hitting point is moved higher, enlarging the sweet-spot area for smashing and defending. The hitting velocity is also improved considerably with the widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.

Aero Tec-Beam System – Based on aerodynamics, support of advanced calculation and gathering practising data, the racket frame has extremely an extremely low drag coefficient and high intensity to provide maximum speed and improve players’ performance in various shots.

Wing Stabilizer – Introducing aviation technology to control the frame restoration precisely and restrain shake resulting from vibration waves. Li-Ning Wing Stabilize System could improve the anti-torsion performance and bring a quick, exact and stable second stroke.

Stabilised Elastic Shaft System – The slim shaft is filled with aramid fibre (a high-strength, high-modulus material with good elasticity and toughness, making it the main material in body armour), which effectively reduces the amplitude and reduce injury risk.

Stabilised Torsion Angle – STA improves the torsion resistance performance of the racket, stabilising the frame quickly even when hitting away from the sweet-point. This helps to create high-quality strikes, making your attack more effective.

Hot Melt – The resin distributed more uniformly and closely combined with the carbon fibre by using the Hot Melt. It improves the strength and provides the same excellent using experience.

MPCF Reinforcing Technology – Multi-layer carbon fibres plus exquisite handcraft to strengthen the racket, avoid wrinkles caused by machine processing, improve intensity and durability, and extend service life.

FRTP Tech – By changing the shaft folding area, up warding the racket bending point,quickening the rebound speed, the rackets could return to position quickly and ready for the continuous attack.

Cubic Locking – Cubic grommet locked within the slim groove is more stable and could provide extra protection for string, effectively absorb shock to get an accurate placement, improve controlling performance.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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4.YONEX Nanoray 10F Badminton Racket

The YONEX Nanoray 10F Badminton Racket is an improvement of the Arcsaber 10 in many aspects: It’s far easier to use and comes with an improved repulsion. These features make it perfect for intermediate players and even newcomers. Let’s check its pros and cons:

Pros: Well-rounded in all aspects, superb control and solid feeling, excels in midcourt

Cons: Smash power is not its strongest feature

It shares many things in common with the YONEX Nanoray 10F Badminton Racket, but it is superior in ease of use and provides more control. Moreover, it provides you plenty of comfort, so your arms and forearms don’t get tired quickly.

It excels when it comes to playing in the midcourt, because its strongest features are the defense and attack. It’s great in the frontcourt, because it provides you enough power and speed for excellent netshots.

In summary, this racket is an excellent choice. It’s well-rounded, is perfect for the midcourt and provides you a superior control.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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5.Victor AuraSpeed 080 X Badminton Racket

The Victor Auraspeed range was launched in Asia in 2018 with the introduction of the Auraspeed 080 X and Auraspeed 080 X. This new range of rackets is considered to be the successor to the very popular Jetspeed series. As the name suggests, the key feature of the range is the aerodynamic quality, possibly steering closer to the iconic Bravesword classics.

Victor Europe have selected the stiffer and possibly more colour-friendly of the two Auraspeed 080 X versions as part of their 2019-2020 range, which in my opinion was a smart choice. Rackets with pink colouring tend to be considered a “ladies” rackets, and therefore lose mass appeal.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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6.YONEX Muscle Power 8 Badminton Racket

This is one of the top choices for the best badminton racket. Yonex Muscle power comes with the weight of 3U (85-92 grams) which is a perfect choice for intermediate and advanced players.

3U Provides overall more mass without affecting the balance. The single players are recommended to use this racket.

Yonex muscle power can be a good pick for power hitters, but if you are a beginner or just started, you may face difficulties to control this badminton racket. The material of the frame is Aluminium and this racket comes with a grip size of G4.

But as it is made with the aerodynamic concept, that helps to acquire better swing speed and maneuverability. Beginners can try if they want as the aerodynamic design maybe a Lil bit helpful for them.

The string tension is 24lbs which is the medium tension for badminton rackets and the balance is type is evenly balanced. As a user, I found the best of this racket after two months of using it when I achieved maximum control on it.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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7.DUNLOP NanoMax Pro Badminton Rackets

DUNLOP NanoMax Pro Badminton Rackets is produced by Apacs which is white color racket that looks similar like as the Yonex Arc-Saber 10 Peter Grade Limited Edition racket. The weight of DUNLOP NanoMax Pro Badminton Rackets is 85 gram and its length is 675mm. It is well designed to provide you sharper smashes and at the same time make you enjoy the accurate shots and netting play.
Because of its light body and head, it will allow you to move the racket like a sword and to give a very clean and sharp execution. The DUNLOP NanoMax Pro Badminton Rackets is a very fast racket and it is great at continuous smashing. It comes with well balanced and really awesome to play with and also provides you the best value for money.

Key Features:
A reasonably priced racket
Equipped with G2 grip that provides a tighter feel for smashes
Comes with well balanced
Great flexibility

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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8.YONEX Astrox 77 Badminton Racket

The YONEX Astrox 77 comes with a standard black full-cover and looks pretty stylish, yet understated. It is dominated by the beautiful color of emerald green, mixed with a little red and black, all colors are not too bright. This fits the quality of this racket and looks kind of classy.

Technical specifications / Characteristics
It is made from H.M. Graphite, Nanometric and Tungsten and has a stiff racket frame. It is slightly head-heavy balanced and the weight class is 4U (83g). The grip is available in sizes G4 and G5.

Performance & Feel
This is clearly an absolute high end Badminton racket, which is worth the price. If you have never used such a pro level racket before and always played with a racket for intermediate players or beginners, you will instantly notice the difference.

However, keep in mind that you need the right string!!! My racket actually came with the wrong string type. Some thick Ashaway string with focus on durability. So when made the first hits with my brand new Astrox racket, I was pretty disappointed and bewildered. This felt like a racket from the supermarket around the corner. So I went straight to my string guy and he told me that this string on an YONEX Astrox 77 is like driving a Ferrari with bike wheels. He restrung my racket with a very thin high-end Li Ning string that enables much more power and control. So back on court for a new try. And what can I say, it felt brillant.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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9.Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racket

Carlton Kinesis is a top-end badminton racket with a revolutionary design and featuring vortex shedding (frame) geometry.

This racket is ideal for players who are seeking to advance their playing skills by enhancing their control and accuracy skills. It has a medium flex shaft that provides a balanced feel throughout the length of the frame.Besides this, they engineer this model with a right-angle twist on its frame for reducing aerodynamic drag thus leading to increased maneuverability and head speed.

If you want to excel in the mid-court when playing badminton as a beginner, consider this option.

The best thing about Carlton Kinesis is that it has a solid feeling and superb control thus making it possible for players to polish their playing skills.

It provides plenty of comforts and thus the hands do not feel strained or pressured at the grip area because of wrong/uncomfortable grip. Carlton Kinesis allows players to make fast and controlled swings thus making it ideal for playing defensive and attacking games.

When playing doubles, it will help you outshine your opponents while helping you to improve and perfect your swinging and hitting skills.

Notably, the racquet has great smashing power thereby making it possible to make powerful hits delivered with excellent maneuverability.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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10.Talbot Torro Isoforce 511.8 Badminton Racket

This one is intended for people new to the sport of badminton as active players. A robust product for this category of players the Talbot Torro Isoforce 511.8 Badminton Racket shaft is made from graphite composite material and has just the right shape for those playing badminton at the beginner’s level.

Overall, this badminton racket is ideally suited for players wishing to pick up the right badminton techniques. Talbot Torro Isoforce 511.8 Badminton Racket is one of the best badminton racket under 2000 price range. With this racket, you can make powerful shots that never fail to make an impact.

The design stands out owing to its jointless structure and shaft which facilitates accurate and superior shots, which is exactly why this badminton could make it to the list of top badminton rackets.

Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021
Top 10 best badminton racket in UK 2021

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How to choose the best badminton racket for you

There are three key areas to consider when choosing a badminton racket: weight, balance and shaft stiffness. Your ideal pick will depend on your experience level and playing style.

The most common weight class is “3U”, which means the racket weighs between 85g and 89g. These rackets are ideal for singles players who want a good balance of control and power. Beginners and doubles players seeking a lighter racket for faster play may prefer a 4U racket, weighing between 80g and 84g.

What sort of balance is best for me?
As well as the weight, a racket’s balance point can make a big difference to your game. Head-heavy rackets are great for players seeking power in their smash and can help you clear shots from the back of the court.

Head-light rackets, with their weight tilted towards the handle, allow for more control and faster reactions, making them good for doubles players and beginners.

You can also find even-balance rackets that offer a mix of both benefits – and if need be you can adjust the balance point of a racket after purchase by applying tape to the grip or head.

How stiff should the shaft of my racket be?
Beginners tend to hit the shuttlecock with a slow, smooth swing; if that’s you, a flexible shaft is ideal, as it helps transfer power to the shuttlecock. More advanced players with a faster, more explosive swing will favour a stiff shaft that doesn’t bend as much, offering more control over shot placement and transferring your power into the shuttlecock quickly.

How large should the grip on my racket be?
Grip sizes vary from G1 (largest) to G6 (smallest), and most rackets are available in G2 to G5 sizes. Generally, the best thing to do is just go with whatever feels comfortable in your hand. If you’re not sure, err on the side of a smaller grip – you can always make it bigger by adding tape. Towel-style grip tape degrades faster than synthetic materials, but it’s more comfortable to hold and won’t get slippery with sweat during matches.

How much do I need to spend?
A top-level badminton racket can cost as much as £170 – but there’s no need for most players to spend that much. A beginner will be fine with a racket in the £20 to £50 range, and as you progress, the elite rackets are often available in cheaper variants, at prices ranging down to £50 or so.


There are a variety of styles available to buy, from head heavy, head light and even balance, which is why it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to splashing out on the sporting equipment.

While some may want a lightweight racket for speedy rallies, others may prefer one that is slightly heavier to put some power behind their shot.

Badminton is also a great activity to get the kids involved in, but it’s even more fun when groups are involved.

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