best Body Brushes for Exfoliating

Top 10 Best Body Brushes for Exfoliating

The best body brushes for exfoliating have been found to support the body’s lymphatic drainage system and have a detoxifying effect on the skin. By stimulating the normal lymph flow within the body, a dry brush massage allows the body to release accumulated toxins, fluids and pollutants from within, translating to healthier, brighter and more sculpted skin in the long run.

Top 10 Best Body Brushes for Exfoliating

1. C.S.M. Body Brush

C.S.M. Body Brush

C.S.M body brush flauntsThe C.S.M body brush flaunts a lightweight design that helps in using it for both dry and wet brushing. The innovative design of this brush featuring natural bristles helps in removing the skin’s dead cells. It also kindles the lymphatic nodes to eliminate cellulite and toxins.

Be it your belly, thighs, or arms, and this product can perform gentle exfoliation to maintain the skin’s radiance and youthfulness. The sturdy bristles and the soft massage nodules on the wooden head prevent the brush from pressing hard on the skin. The canvas strap of the body brush offers a good grip and makes it easy to hang after use.

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2. Metene Shower Body Brush

Back Scrubber for Shower with Soft and Stiff Bristles

Perfect for a range of skin types, the Metene Shower Body Brush offers both soft and stiff bristles that allow you to exfoliate your skin and help remove oil and dirt that can clog your pores. Not only is this body brush best for exfoliation and cleansing, but it also helps reduce cellulite by softening deposits of fat underneath your skin, helping them to appear softer and smoother.

The long reach handle allows you to scrub in a circular motion, stimulating your lymphatic system and encouraging good blood flow, thereby detoxifying your body. The bristles on the soft side of the body brush are made of soft nylon, which is great for delicate and sensitive skin, whereas the natural hard bristles work deep into your skin.

The long handle is made of lotus and with a 17-inch length, you can easily target those hard to reach areas. For ease of use, there are four rubber buttons on the handle, so you won’t need to worry about dropping it while bathing. The rope located at the top of the handle allows you to hang it easily in your bathroom.

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3. Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

The Touch Me brand clearly understands that customers want “touchable” skin with this product. The Touch Me All Natural Spa Dry Skin Brush is a product that will certainly deliver the smooth-to-the-touch skin that you desire with its features. Unlike the previous products we reviewed, this 100% vegetable body brush is made out of pure, natural sisal bristle and comes with a jute handle and rope loop.

The dry brush’s firm and naturally dense bristles deeply exfoliate away dead skin. With this brush’s rope loop, you can hang your brush to air dry after rinsing it each time you use it, allowing you to prolong the life of your brush.

Hold on, we’re not done yet! Though the product’s title says “dry skin brush,” you can use this body brush dry or wet. To use this brush in the shower, wet the brush and apply liquid cleansing gel, then gently brush your body. Using this brush regularly will help promote healthier and silkier skin. The brush also helps to stimulate blood circulation and can even tighten your skin to prevent premature aging.

The only qualms we found about this product is we wished the handle was longer (for more accurate back brushing) and that the bristles are a little stiff, but can be solved by boiling the brush first. For its durability and value, we find this product worth our recommendation.

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4. Thetis Homes Long Bamboo Handle Back Scrubber

Body Brush Back Scrubber with Long Skin Bamboo Handle

The brush hairs are the perfect combination of ridged and supple, so people with thin, fragile skin won’t have a problem using the brush. Anyone with allergies or irritations to synthetic materials won’t have a problem using this brush either as it is made of 100% natural material.

But, the bristles are not attached to the brush head well and during vigorous body brushing may even come away from the brush head. Due to the fact that the brush is made of natural materials, it molds very quickly if you don’t dry it completely after every use.

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5. Ithyes Dry Brushing Body Brush

Ithyes Dry Brushing Body Brush

The long handle has a built-in plastic hook which is a unique feature in comparison to the usual string ones. This will help it dry more quickly, plus it can’t ever accidentally snap off.

The only issue is that this nylon-bristled body brush is very soft, with some users mentioning that it felt too soft to get a good exfoliation. On the other hand, this may well be the perfect product for someone with easily irritated skin!

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6. Shower Body Brush with Bristles and Loofah

Shower Body Brushes with Bristles and Loofah

You get the best of both worlds with this brush. There’s a loofah on one side, which you can use to do a gentler clean, or a bristle brush, which you can use to get rid of dead skin and increase blood circulation. The brush handle is curved, allowing you to hold it easier. You can hang it from the loofah or the end of the brush to dry. You can get this brush in a 14 in. size or a 17 in. size and in blue, pink or gray.

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7. Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

Yerba Prima Care is a premium model that comes with a decent price. It is made using only high quality materials and comes with several additional materials that will be useful in any bathroom.

In the kit, manufacturers included a large brush with a long handle and a smaller one, which can be used to exfoliate the skin. The usual brush is quite soft and very nice to use. The kit also includes a 27-inch scrubber that will help you deal with inaccessible areas.

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8. Bath Body Brush with Long Handle by GREENRAIN

Bath Body Brush with Long Handle by GREENRAIN

As the name suggests, these brushes are attached to long handles. The design allows bathers to reach awkward areas such as the middle and upper back. They’re an excellent bathing aid for elderly people with limited mobility.

Depending on the handle length, you may not have to move much to get everything clean. You can scrub yourself from head to foot without performing any gymnastics.

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9. Minalo Wooden Shower Brush

Minalo Wooden Shower Brush

Minalo’s product is a luxury bath and shower brush that is designed to rejuvenate your skin so as to leave you feeling smooth and clean.

One of the best advantages of using this brush though is that it can be used to scrub the far and easy to reach areas with ease.

This is because it is designed to have a long 16-inch handle for reach further down your back without straining, but this handle is removable, leaving a smaller handheld brush that has a slide through handle for your hand, giving you grip as you scrub the easy to reach areas or for dry scrubbing.

Construction wise, the brush is made of a wooden material and features natural boar bristles, making it an all-natural product, which is very easy on the environment. These bristles are 3/4 inches long and very soft, making them ideal for the person who wants a firm, yet gentle scrub when showering.

On design, the long 16-inch handle is slightly curved, giving it an ergonomic design for getting to the hard to reach areas much easier.

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10. Hydrea London Beech Wood Body Brush with Cactus Fibre Bristles

Stiles is ideal for wet and dry body brushing, helping to prevent the build up of cellulite, remove toxins and stimulate healthy circulation.

This FSC certified Hydrea London Beech Wood Body Brush with Cactus Fibre Bristles is perfect for use before or whilst in the bath or shower. Dry brushing will improve your energy and well being and is essential for the removal of toxins. With this Body Brush you can stimulate circulation. increase lymphatic drainage, remove dead cells and encourage cell renewal. The regular usage of this Body Brush is also recommended for preventing the build up of cellulite.

Please note: Do not use on sensitive areas such as face, neck, throat or broken skin.

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How to exfoliate your body

When dry body brushing, always use upward strokes, toward your heart. This technique is said to help support the body’s natural circulation and lymphatic system.

Remember not to use too much pressure — the aim is not to scratch skin but stimulate it, so just use a comfortable amount of pressure, adjusting it depending on how sensitive each area is. Make sure you only brush lightly on delicate areas, avoiding particularly sensitive areas, as well as any broken or inflamed skin. It’s totally normal for some redness to occur after brushing thanks to increased circulation.

Use best body brushes for exfoliating is fast and easy, all you need is a spare 5 minutes pre-shower!

  1. Start with the soles of your feet, brushing them in long, quick strokes. Next, move up your legs, brushing from the top of your feet to your thighs and buttocks. You can also do a few short strokes behind your knees.
  2. Moving up the body, brush your arms, moving in strokes from hands to elbows, then upper arms to shoulders. You can also gently brush underneath your arms (remember to use only very light pressure on the underarms.)
  3. Next, gently brush your chest, stomach, back and shoulders. For these areas you can actually use circular, clockwise movements. Generally, dry body brushing is not recommended for the face and neck since these areas are so delicate and sensitive.

Follow with a shower to wash away any dead skin and impurities lifted by brushing, then apply your favourite body lotion or oil to help lock in moisture and keep your freshly exfoliated skin feeling soft and smooth.


Choosing between dry and wet exfoliation may be a matter of personal preference. That said, skin that’s broken or has cuts, sores, sunburns, or scrapes should not be brushed. Also, avoid using a dry brush if you have skin conditions such as eczema, acne, or excessively dry skin. If your skin gets inflamed easily, it’s better to avoid any harsh exfoliating action. This means that you may have to stick with gentle, wet brushing. Brushing is generally safer for those with oily and normal skin than those with dry skin.

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