Top 10 Best Bread Makers in UK – Best Bread Makers Buying Guide.

The best bread makers are great because they give you full control over the ingredients you’ll be using, and they are a much easier way to accommodate food allergies or preferences compared to baking bread by hand. Most newer models actually include designated gluten-free settings to make it easy for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to make bread without any of that dense, chewy texture for which GF loaves are unfortunately known.

But choosing one isn’t easy, so in this post we will help you with that. In this post, we will show you the things that you need to consider when choosing the best bread maker, also comes with 10 great product.

Top 10 Best Bread Makers.

Here’s our list of 10 best bread makers, which are included many great features that we think you should care, if you’re looking for the new bread maker for your kitchen.

1. Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker 502001.

Morphy Richards’ most high-end bread maker is a great product comes with 14 settings. There’s no ingredient dispenser but it helpfully makes a noise when it’s time to add extra ingredients.

It makes a near-perfect wholemeal loaf. Ours had a crisp crust and was light and springy inside, with an authentic farmhouse flavour. It cooked a large white loaf all the way through and gave it a brown crust, but left our small one with an uneven rise.

It has a viewing window, albeit on the small side. There’s a gluten-free setting, too, but no gluten-free bread recipe in the manual.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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2. Tower T11005 Bread Maker.

The Tower breadmaker is a professional-looking machine with its sturdy stainless-steel casing, good-sized viewing window and straightforward, uncomplicated touch panel on the lid. It has 19 pre-programmed recipes, which vary from bread (including gluten-free and sourdough), to cakes, jam and yogurt.

If that isn’t enough, there’s also a detachable fruit and seed dispenser which clips neatly into the lid when needed. It is a little noisier than some, but nothing that would stop you from loving this machine and the delicious bread it produces.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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3. Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Bread Maker.

The Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC may be pricey, but it’s a superb breadmaker when judged by the quality of the bread it makes – which really is the most important thing. It’s good looking, too, and features include a rye kneading blade, a dispenser for seeds and dried fruit, and also a yeast dispenser to guarantee your yeast and water don’t come into contact until the right time.

It comes with a superb recipe book. It’s not fancy – there are no glossy photos – but it contains more than 100 recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions. Most importantly, though, the Panasonic simply makes the best bread of any breadmaker we’ve tested yet.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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4. Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Bread Maker.

This breadmaker has an attractive, curved design. So while it is made of white plastic, a material which can look cheap in comparison to bright colours or stainless steel, the Morphy Richards looks really good. The good-quality industrial design can’t, however, distract from the fact that it’s large – it’s deep and narrow, with a footprint the size of a sheet of A4 paper (portrait) but a third deeper still.

Baking bread with the Morphy Richards is a pleasant experience. The recipe book only contains around 30 recipes, but they’re well chosen and well communicated, with articles on how to bake and finish loaves beautifully. The included 1/4 teaspoon measure – alongside the standard-issue cup, teaspoon and tablespoon measures – was a nice touch too, making it easier to judge the small fractions often required by breadmaker recipes.

The Morphy Richards stood out a few times for being noisy. When mixing, it makes a fairly loud whirr. It also beeps at various stages in the cooking process so you know when to do stuff like add optional extra ingredients… A nice idea in theory, but it can’t be muted, so it’s very annoying if you like cooking loaves overnight.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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5. Russell Hobbs Breadmaker.

There’s a tendency to think of affordable appliances as lacking in features. However this bread maker has a lot of what you’d expect in a more expensive model. It has 12 programmes. These include gluten-free, jam and cake, two fast bakes, 13-hour delay, optional one-hour keep warm.

Despite its small size, this bread maker can still make a loaf up to 1kg, as well as 500g and 750g versions. There’s a viewing window, an alert to add extras, buttons with icons as well as words, and a dishwasher-safe paddle. Its black glossy finish feels more premium. As it’s compact, it won’t hog the worktop.

On the downside, while the buttons are straightforward, there are a few quirks. For example, the crust settings don’t make much sense. Light appears on the LCD display as L, but medium and dark are P and H. There’s no measuring spoon and cup, and the pan pushes, rather than twists, into place. This needs a sharp yank to get it out.

In testing, the 750g white loaf rose incredibly well. But while the sides and bottom were sufficiently browned, the top was pale, despite it being set for the darkest crust. The loaf came out of the pan easily but the paddle tore a hole. It was still a fluffy loaf, but its two-tone look somewhat let it down.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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6. Lakeland Touchscreen Bread Maker

This black and silver LED touch screen bread maker was really simple to use with the help of the guide – which gives you step by step instructions on how to make every type of bread in the model. Depending on your mood, or hankering for bread, it makes three different bread sizes (1kg, 1.25kg, 1.5kg) while it also has 12 settings – including basic loaf, pizza dough and gluten free, as well as giving you the option to make jam and yoghurt. Once you’ve chosen your setting you can watch the bread being kneaded, rising and baking through the window at the top – which we found quite therapeutic.

We successfully made bread on the quick setting, which was near perfect, but when we started to add other ingredients our bread became too dense. Thankfully the model’s booklet has a troubleshooter section and we found the answer to our baking problems quickly. We also found the reminder beeps to add in ingredients handy, while the keep warm function and the delay timer were a plus. However, it was slightly noisy when kneading. It’s quite a hefty machine so you’ll need lots of storage, but luckily also attractive so if you have the room it will look great on your kitchen worktop. With a price tag of over a £100 you would have to be a serious baker to contemplate buying it – or just really love bread.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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7. Salter EK4189 Digital Bread Maker.

If you’re well-acquainted with bread makers and are looking for something with plenty of customisation, Salter’s EK4189 bread maker is ideal. There are 15 different settings for bread making, including options for wholewheat, gluten free, sweet bread and French loaves. There’s also a setting which kneads and proves dough for you – perfect if you’re making lots of loaves and want to give your arms a rest.

In testing, the machines fastbake, basic and wholewheat settings all produced a soft loaf with a crusty exterior, while the dough setting kneaded and proved our dough to soft, pillowy perfection. Unusually, this machine doesn’t come with any recipes and there aren’t instructions in the box. You’ll need to download them from the Salter website but we’ve also included them here if you want to skip the middle-man.

As the instructions aren’t the clearest, it’s probably best to steer clear if this is your first ever breadmaker. If you’re familiar with how they work though, searching on the internet will unearth a number of recipes that work perfectly with the machine.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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8. Panasonic SD-2511KXC.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about Panasonic’s SD-2511. It’s a simple, unfussy design, but the no-nonsense approach produces some impressive results. It’s available in both black and white, we tested the black model (around £160) but the functionally identical white version is inexplicably available for around £30 less.

The bread maker is tall and relatively slim. We preferred it to the squatter bread makers I’ve seen, as it means the SD-2511 takes up significantly less space on your kitchen worktop.

With Panasonics SD-2511KXC, you can make a variety of delicious breads, cakes or scones, even sourdough. All of the equipment you need is included so that you can effortlessly create tasty foods, whether youre an amateur or a connoisseur. This is a great product, it can really suitable to you with over 33 cooking programmes, many bread maker in one.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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9. Cookworks Breadmaker.

The Cookworks breadmaker is the best thing since sliced bread. You can bake a variety of loaves with the 12 pre-set programmes and can even change the crust colour to your preference. You can bake overnight with the 13-hour delay timer and make to the fresh aroma of home-made bread, delicious. You can also take a peek while your bread is cooking through the handy viewing window and check the baking status on the LCD display. It’s a cheap and great bread maker you shouldn’t miss you’re finding something that is the best budget.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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10. MooSoo Bread Maker.

This is a professional bread machine with plenty of useful and interesting features. It was created from durable stainless steel, which offers a sleek appearance. But besides this, the non-stick ceramic pan assures you will enjoy the healthiest loaf of bread. It is dishwasher-safe, allowing you to clean it in little to no time.

The MOOSOO MB30 comes with an impressive 25 multiple menus, which include recipes for French, whole-wheat, sweet, gluten-free, rice, or corn bread, along with cases, desserts, jam, yogurt and several other. Also, this bread maker comes with a 15-hour programmable delay bake setting, to help you enjoy your bread when you need it most. There is a one hour keep warm setting and a 15-minute power interruption recovery.

This bread maker is user-friendly and straightforward. The digital touchscreen is simple, yet professional since it was created from tempered glass. You can find with ease all the programmable features. You can opt between light, medium, and dark crust shades, along with three loaves of bread sizes.

What we like most about the new bread maker from MOOSOO is that the MB30 comes with an impressive set of accessories. You will receive one ceramic bread pan, three extra stirring rods, one measuring cup, one spoon, one pair of hook gloves, and a bread cookbook.

Best bread maker
Best bread maker

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What to Look for When Buying a Bread Machine

Loaf Capacity.

Think about how many people you want to feed with your newly made loaf and consider the amount of bread that you can finish before it goes stale. Many bread machines have settings for multiple loaf sizes, but the maximum size varies from machine to machine.

Most bread makers produce loaves that weigh 1 to 2 pounds, but some models are capable of baking larger, 2 1/2-pound family-sized loaves. In theory, you can add more or less flour and water to any bread machine to make a larger or smaller loaf, but if you try to bake a 2-pound loaf in a machine designed for 1-pound loaves, it might be pale, underdone, or rise too far out of the pan. And baking a small batch loaf in a machine designed for larger loaves might result in a very short loaf with a dry texture and crust that is too dark and thick.

Keep in mind that larger, heavier loaves of bread will require more power to bake. Most bread machines range have somewhere between 500 to 1000 watts of power. If you plan to bake denser breads or loaves with lots of add-ins, like nuts, seeds, or dried fruit, you’ll want to look for a bread machine on the higher end of that wattage range to ensure it can efficiently bake heavier loaves.

Machine Size and Weight.

Larger machines are less convenient to move around and store, but they tend to come loaded with more options for bread making. Smaller machines are easier to store out of sight when not in use, but they may have fewer settings and not be able to make large loaves of bread.

Loaf Pan Shape.

When you’re baking bread in the oven, you can choose the shape and size of your loaf pan or you can make free-form loaves by hand. When you bake in a bread machine, all of your bread will be the same basic shape since there is only one loaf pan that can be used. Most bread machines turn out either tall/vertical or rectangular shaped loaves.

Kneading Paddles.

Budget bread makers will include at least one kneading paddle, but higher-end machines usually come with two paddles. Multiple paddles are preferable for the best kneading results.

If the kneading paddle(s) remain in place during baking, bread loaves will have one or two holes where the paddle was located. Most users accept this aesthetic flaw in the final product as a trade-off for the ease and convenience of enjoying freshly baked bread.

However, if you’d prefer loaves without these holes, look for a bread machine that has collapsible or removable paddles. Machines with removable paddles will beep after kneading so you can take the dough out, remove the paddles, and then place the dough back into the pan for the final rise and bake.

Pre-Programmed Settings.

Today’s bread machines come loaded with features, which can be fun to test, but a machine with too many features could be too complicated for your needs. Are you interested in trying different styles of bread, or will you just be making sandwich loaves every week?

The simplest machines offer few variations, but some machines include settings for sweet loaves, whole-grain bread, sourdough, French bread, pizza dough, and more. Each of these settings adjusts the kneading time, rising time, and baking time to produce the best loaf possible for those types of bread.

Extra settings are handy for people who want to experiment with different types of grains and bread styles, but a simple bread maker will suffice if your goal is to make basic sandwich bread to replace store-bought bread.

You’ll also find express bread settings for mixing, kneading, and baking a loaf of dough in under an hour, which may be a convenient feature if you’d like to turn out a quick loaf to serve with dinner.

Most bread machines include the option to knead dough without baking it so you can bake your bread machine dough in a standard oven if you prefer. There’s also the option to bake without mixing or kneading if you want to bake cake or muffins in a bread machine. You might come across bread machines with options for making jam or yogurt, but these settings are only useful if you’ll actually use them.

Some bread machines have automatic fruit and nut dispensers built into the lid so you don’t have to be nearby or remember to add them to the dough before baking. You can fill these dispensers with nuts, seeds, or dried fruit like raisins or chopped apricots at the same time you add the bread ingredients to the loaf pan. Most machines with these automatic dispensers are programmed to release the add-ins into the dough toward the end of the kneading period so the ingredients aren’t crushed or chopped by the kneading paddles.

Crust Control.

Most bread machines have settings to choose the desired darkness of your crust, from light to medium to dark. While this feature isn’t essential for baking a good loaf, it’s nice to be able to control the darkness of the crust when you’re making specialty loaves.

Sweet loaves can brown very quickly, while other doughs might need a little extra bake time to move beyond a pale crust color. How dark you like your crust is also a personal preference, so it can be nice to choose exactly the result you want each time.

If you want to keep an eye on your crust as it browns, consider a bread machine with a viewing window built into the lid that lets you observe the bread-making process from kneading to baking.

Gluten-Free Options.

If you’ve ever made gluten-free bread, you know that the process is different from making standard bread, and the dough behaves much differently. While many bread machines now offer gluten-free settings, look for one that puts a priority on that function if you’re going to be focusing on gluten-free breads. Some machines have just a single setting for gluten-free bread, and others have multiple options for different styles of gluten-free loaves.

Of course, results will vary depending on the type of flour you’re using, so it’s best to consult gluten-free recipes adapted for a bread machine. If you’re planning on making gluten-free bread in a machine that has previously been used for regular bread, you’ll need to clean every nook and cranny to remove any leftover gluten residue that could cross-contaminate your gluten-free loaves.

Delayed Start.

No matter which machine you choose, the best quality breads take about four hours or more to mix, knead, rise, and bake. Some machines have quick-bake cycles that produce finished bread in less time, but even that might not be fast enough if you want your fresh bread for breakfast and you don’t want to wake up extra early to measure flour, water, and yeast.

A delayed start option lets you have your fresh-baked bread ready whenever you want it, whether you want to wake up to the smell of baking bread or want to have the bread ready when you come home from work to serve with dinner.


On average, you can expect to spend somewhere in the range of $100 to $150 for a decent bread machine from a mid-range brand. Some bread makers from budget brands may be priced less than $100, while other high-end brands such as Breville and Zojirushi can cost $300 or more.


The typical warranty for bread machines is one year, usually covering manufacturing defects rather than wear-and-tear or misuse. Specific coverage can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so it’s always a good idea to check the details before purchase. Additional warranties are available upon purchase from vendors like Amazon.


Our best bread machines are all top performing models. They include a convection bread machine, the only fully programmable bread machine, affordable and compact bread makers. We also showed to you some buying tip with this kind of products, so, we think that you’re ready to start shopping, and hopehully you can choose the best one successfully, using everything we included in this post.

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