best electronic drum kit for beginners

The 10 Best Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

As with any musical instrument, learning how to play drums takes hours and hours of practice. However, unlike guitars or keyboards, drums usually only have one volume — loud! And, as much as your family, friends, and neighbors will want to support your newfound love of drumming, they’ll become increasingly less supportive when you’re into hour three of a haltingly performed rendition of “Another One Bites the Dust” on a wide-open kit.

Enter the best electronic drum kit for beginners – the perfect choice for beginning drummers. Not only are electronic drum sets quiet, but they also sound great; and beginner models are generally more affordable than even the least expensive acoustic kits when you factor in hardware and cymbals.

The 10 Best Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

Here are some top choices of the best electronic drum kit for beginners.

1. The Alesis Nitro Mesh

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit Bundle

The Alesis Nitro Mesh now sits atop the throne as the perfect introductory kit. The mesh heads offer a far more realistic playing experience than traditional rubber pads, and are quieter to the touch. This alone makes this kit worth a look at this price point.

The module houses 40 drum kits, 385 sounds and 16 slots for customised, user-created kits (meaning you can piece together a kit of your preference from the existing sounds). With USB connectivity, any budding drummer who is interested in producing hip-hop, lo-fi or electronic music can record into a laptop and get creative.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh also comes with some excellent in-built software to help beginners learn the discipline of drumming. There are 60 play-along backing tracks, a metronome, a sequencer and a performance recorder. With drumsticks and a drum key thrown in, a high build quality and a very fair price, there’s nothing to complain about here.

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2. Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Entry level kits from Alesis have been a favorite with Gearank readers for several years now and it’s not hard to see why with their consistently high ratings and excellent value proposition.

The Turbo Mesh Kit superseded their previously extremely popular Nitro Kit, and continues to attract high ratings with its improved mesh heads instead of the plain rubber ones.

Mesh heads provide a bit more realism to their feel and tend to be a bit quieter as well. A parent noted that the pads on this set are quiet enough not to cause problems for people watching TV in the next room, although probably not quiet enough to let the kids play while you’re trying to sleep.

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3. Carlsbro CS D100

Carlsbro CS D100

Carlsbro has decades of experience in crafting professional-level digital percussion. When it comes to an affordable, high-quality electronic kit for beginners it doesn’t get better than the Carlsbro CS D100.

Built around a solid and reliable rack system, the hardware feels stable and responsive to encourage new drummers to play with enthusiasm. The telescopic frame is height-adjustable to suit players of all ages, and the kit is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware and cables to get you up and running are in the box.

The CSD 100 is a 7-piece kit that includes a dual-zone snare pad, which enables you to assign different sounds to the centre of the snare and the rim. There’s an upright kick drum pad and kick drum pedal, hi-hat and hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads, and a trio of tom pads.

The brains at the core of the kit is the Commander 100 sound module, which boasts a generous collection of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments for you to get to grips with. With 10 preset kits, 108 percussion voices, and 10 demo songs that are ready and waiting, all you need to do is switch on the sound module and go for it.

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4. Alesis Command Mesh

Alesis Drums Command Mesh Kit

The Alesis Command Mesh is a perfect option for intermediate drummers who may already have an acoustic drum set and need to practice quietly.

Again, like the Alesis Nitro, the Alesis Command Mesh suffers from the same sonic issues that kit did. While this might not be an issue for beginners, it surely was for me.

Being a traditional player of acoustic drums, I’d like my e drums to sound as real as possible.

The Alesis Command Mesh module includes 600+ instruments including snares, world percussion, electronics, effects, and unlike the Alesis Nitro, you can import your own custom sounds to this drum module.

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5. Carlsbro CSD130 R Electronic Drum Kit

Carlsbro CSD130 R Electronic Drum Kit

Kicking us off is the Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Kit. The drum pads on this kit feature “Real Feel” technology, allowing it to feel like an acoustic kit but fully “neighbour friendly”, with an option for headphones as well as an amplifier. The pads on the CSD130 are sensitive making practice a breeze and fully realistic to how acoustic drums react.

The CSD130 features 20 preset drum kit sounds, each with their own demo songs ranging from Pop, Rock to Jazz, EDM and beyond. The module comes with over 250 high-quality percussion voices built-in. With 10 user-defined kits available and adjustable sensitivity/crosstalk features, the player can really customise their own kit sound for optimum, encouraging practice.

The kit features 8 electronic drum pads centred around one super compact and portable 3-legged drum rack, meaning this kit can be set up and tucked away in SECONDS. The Toms, Cymbals & Bass Drum Pads are single-zone trigger pads meaning when struck, they’ll make one sound.

The Snare pad on the other hand is a dual-zone, allowing for two sounds to be made from the same pad. The Hi-Hat is triggered via a control pedal and cymbals are fully choke-able. What I really like about the CSD130 is that it has features usually only present in electronic kits that are at least £100 more expensive.

The variety in presets allows the player to fully amerce themselves in a variety of different genres at the touch of a button, which I think for a beginner is incredibly important. It’s like a cheat-code to expand their awareness of how drums sound in different styles of music. The small footprint on the floor and lightweight frame is an added bonus, and options for silent practise with headphones are great for beginners!

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6. Yamaha DD-75 Portable Tabletop Drum Kit

Yamaha DD-75 Portable Tabletop Drum Kit

First up we have the Yamaha DD-75 Portable Tabletop Drum Kit which is perfect if you’ve got limited room, want to be able to play drums anywhere or record drums for your music without utilising a full drum kit. This can be placed on any flat surface and played anywhere. Best of all, you can hook up a set of headphones and practice in silence – no more noise complaints!

You have 8 touch-sensitive drum pads, 2 assignable foot pedals and over 550 assignable voices that you can assign to any pad. There are 105 built-in songs to practice and learn with as well as 75 programmed drum kits with space to create 10 custom kits. You also get a set of sticks too! A perfect, cheap drum kit that beginners and professionals alike will love.

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7. Donner DED-200

Donner DED-200

The best value electronic set for beginners

Donner may not be a household brand name, but with the DED-200 electronic drum set they’ve created an impressive and great value drum kit.

This 5-piece kit features mesh heads across the snare, 3 toms and the bass drum. Each head can be individually tensioned to suit your preferences. The Donner DED-200 features a mesh bass drum tower with an included bass drum pedal.

There are 225 sounds on the Donner module as well as 30 play-along songs. You can also plug any auxiliary sound devices in through the module for playing along. This is an inexpensive electronic drum set and the low price is proving popular.

While the pads are the crowning glory of this kit, it’s also worth mentioning the cymbals. The ride and crash are bigger than most cymbal pads in a kit under $500 – and this kit is well below $500. It usually retails for under $400 online. That’s great value considering you get a fully mesh drum set with a throne, sticks and even a drum key.

It doesn’t have the prestige of the bigger brands such as Yamaha and Roland, but it certainly punches above its weight when it comes to value.

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8. HXW SD61-5 Mesh Drum Kit

HXW SD61-5 Mesh Drum Kit

The HXW SD61-5 is an upgrade to the previous SD61-2 version. Nevertheless, they both feature the same drum module. The SD61-5 comes with an 8-inch mesh snare pad which is both responsive and sensitive. Besides the snare drum, it also has three 7.5-inch mesh tom pads.

HXW SD61-5 Mesh Kit Electric Drum Set 8-Piece Electronic Drums, Dual-zone Snare and Cymbal With Choke, Drum Sticks Included
This drum kit then features a robust steel rack with a full kick drum and tower. Apart from that, it also includes a hi-hat controller standalone pedal.

Its drum module is the same as that of all the kits in the SD61 series. And remarkably, it’s very straightforward to use. The module, however, has very limited sounds. It has only 15 kits to pick from, ranging from electronic sound samples to standard rock kits and more percussion sounds.

Other than that, the module also boasts other functionalities like basic recording and metronome. Using a 3.5 mil jack connection allows you to play tracks from your phone. Nonetheless, you can only alter the volume from the sound source.

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9. Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit

Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit

Another of our favorite affordable sets. With more than 200 in-built sounds, a drum coach with patterns of play and exercises, it’s great not only for beginners but also for those looking for a working set.

Of course, you get your 1/4″ output so you can let your MP3 player or smartphone play any song you want to hear. It also has USB connection, MIDI function, and of course a headphone output.

A huge advantage: you get headphones and drumsticks. So if you are looking for a package that will take your bank account a little too late, then this model is worth considering seriously. Also cool is that it ‘lights up’ when you play, so you get some visual feedback combined with a cool look when you’re on stage or trying to show off against your friends on band members.

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10. Roll-Up Drum Kit Portable Electronic Drum Set

Roll-Up Drum Kit Portable Electronic Drum Set

This is one of the best roll-up kits you can find, though it’s generally the most expensive one.

It has a great design and is packed with a lot of features.

With this set, you’ll get ten drum pads for convenient in-house or studio playing. So, you get three tom drums, the snare and two foot pedals (both bass and hi-hat). As for the cymbals, you can count on two crash cymbals, one open close hi-hat and one ride cymbal.

A nice part of the design is that every pad it named. This is a great option for beginners and kids, as you can learn and quickly identify what each pad triggers.

The Roll-up Drum Kit Portable Electronic Drum Set will provide you with eleven different accompaniments, nine integrated demo songs and three drum sound modes.

This set has built-in stereo speakers. It also offers four different power supply options. From the power adapter to the lithium battery, and from USB charging and three AA batteries, you’ll always have an alternative power supply solution.

This model has a well-organized control panel will help you set the desired modes in no time.

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How To Use Best Electronic Drum Kit For Beginners

Electronic drum sets are composed of the following: a drum module (also referred to as the “brain”) and drum pads. Each of the drum and cymbal pads connects to the drum module. You can then use the drum module to:

  • Choose your sounds: You can choose what type of drum kit, percussion set, or other musical sounds you want to use. Some modules will allow for individual customization and adding your own samples.
  • Control Volume: You can use the module to control your volume. Some modules allow you to change the volumes of individual instruments.
  • Sensitivity and layers: With sensitivity settings, you can control what force is required to trigger your sounds. Some pads can be very sensitive and allow for dual layering, so when you hit a pad lightly, it will trigger one sound and trigger another when it is hit harder.
  • USB ports, MIDI, and audio connections: If you plan on using your module to connect to a computer, interface, or other instruments, then make sure to check what type of connections are available.

An audio out signal will allow you to connect to an amplifier or audio interface for performance and recording. MIDI and USB connections allow you to send your music note data to audio software, opening up a whole world of sound production possibilities.

  • Patterns and practice modes: Practice modes and preset patterns of drum beats can be really useful learning tools.
  • AUX Input: Many modules include an AUX input option that allows you to play backing tracks through the module (so you can play along to music).
  • Custom sampling: Some more high-end modules include the capability to load your own samples directly onto the module.
  • Audio over USB: This is a feature that’s only included in mid-range to high-end drum modules. It allows you to transfer the audio signal from the drum module directly to the PC so you can record it without using an external audio interface. Otherwise, USB connection is often limited to MIDI transfer.

Most decent drum modules will include all of the above features. Make sure to check the specs when buying to ensure you are getting what you need!

And That’s It

So there you have it, the best electronic drumkits currently available. Hopefully, you’ve found the right one for you!

See you next time.

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