Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

In this article we look at the Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021 that can be used to cut grass or hedges. There are plenty of these to pick from in the UK market.

Here we look at that we believe to be the best, according to our summaries of actual buyer reviews. We hope that you find this helpful, as it should help you cut down on research time.

We have include shears that cover a range of prices. Hopefully that will allow you to pick a set that is best suited to what you can afford to buy.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

1.Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Geared Hedge Shears

No strangers to manufacturing value for money, simple gardening tools. the Spear and Jackson brand have not disappointed with this set, the Spear Jackson RazorSharp bypass hedge shears . Although the cheapest hedge shears reviewed they deserve a place on my top garden shears list when it comes to cost and performance.

These hedge shears feature a chrome plated, hardened C50 carbon steel blade will resist rusting. Out of the box these shears are sharp. This model comes in at 960 grammes in weight therefore these shears are one of the lightest reviewed. As standard this shear comes with a manufacturers defects 10 year warranty.

Excellent value for money from a well respected and long standing manufacturer. The razor sharp blade cuts through plant matter with ease. Only slight concern is the hollow handles and how long these shears will last with anything more than occasional use.

But all in, good garden shears for the money,

C50 Carbon steel blades
Hardened and tempered for durability
Chrome plated blades for rust resistance
Notched for cutting thicker stems
Lightweight aluminium handles
Grow your own great British growing 2018 award winners

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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2.Shrub shears Okatsune 217: short handled, medium-bladed.

When it comes to tackling unruly hedges, these keen-edged Japanese shears are top of the chops. The blades on this tool feel disconcertingly thin when compared to other shears, but Okatsune uses high quality tempered steel which results in a hardened edge that can be honed razor sharp. The result is a lightweight, balanced set of shears that need minimal coaxing to slice through your chosen bush or shrub. These shears are available in a variety of different blade and handle lengths, but we like the manoeuvrability afforded by this compact version.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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3.Spear and Jackson 4903RSS Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Bypass Lopper

Available for £20, these Spear and Jackson 4903RSS Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Bypass Lopper feature telescopic handles.

As you can adjust the overall length, you can easily prune hard to reach branches and twigs or shape shrubs. The handles extend from 60 to 81 cm and securely lock in position (4 are available at 60, 67, 74, 81 cm).

The lightweight aluminium handles have anti-slip rubber grips and shock-absorbing bumpers, making cutting easier.

The hardened, tempered carbon steel blades feature wavy cutting edges and special rust-resistant non-stick coating. These features keep the blades sap and debris free when cutting twigs and stems.

A tension control adjusts blades for cutting different plants effectively while reducing blades wear. The heavy-duty blades will stay sharp and withstand years of heavy use.

These Spear and Jackson 4903RSS Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Bypass Lopper come with a lifetime guarantee. So, if you looking for well-built shears that minimize arm and wrist fatigue, the consider these Finether.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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4.Davaon Pro Garden Shears

The Davaon Pro Garden Hedge Shears is dependable, affordable and ergonomic. The 954g unit is light enough to be used by both young and older people. The aluminium body provides durability and reduces the weight of the shears. You can pick them off the ground without straining due to the balanced weight.

When it comes to the blades used in this model, you have nothing to fear. They are sharp and constructed from SK5 carbon steel which is very strong. You can be assured that the sharpness will be maintained through several cuts. The blades have a wavy design that facilitates easy grip while cutting different textures of plant forms.

Overall the unit is 60cm in length combining with the blades. The rust-free blades themselves measure 21cm in length. This indicates that you can cover a large surface area at once saving you time.

The handles on this pair of shears were built for comfort. You will see that the handles are padded with a soft material. The finish on the handles is smooth so it won’t tag on your skin as you work.

You want shears that take less effort to get through the plant material. To aid in this quest for saved energy, models like this one have a few tricks up their hands. Using balanced designs, this unit amplifies the cutting action by 40%. You will experience no clumping as experienced in rigid shears.

The blades are coated with a non-stick material to prevent sap and dirt from sticking to the blades. The coating facilitates easier cleaning too so that a lot of time is not consumed. All these features are accompanied by a 5 year warranty that you can activate within the allotted time.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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5.Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Shear

Our next pick is a Fiskаrs tool. Fiskars is a very recognizable brand, known for its durable and well-made tools. The company started out in 1649 in a small Finnish town. It is one of the oldest companies in the world. Their trademark is the orange-handled tools related to the home, outdoor activities, interior decoration and table setting. Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Shears are one of the best hedge shears for 2020 and there are a lot of reasons why this tool made our list.

Suitable for trimming and pruning bushes and small shrubs, these shears are durable, easy to work with and would definitely last a long time. One of the great things about them is that they are suitable for left and right-handed users. As a left-handed person myself, I know how hard it is to find a tool that is comfortable to use (especially scissors, ahh the struggle). This tool has two identical handles, which means it has no “right or wrong” way to hold. This means that you can operate it with both hands if you want.

Fiskars PowerGear II Reach And Weight
The Fiskars PowerGear II Hedge Shears have light lever arms, which are made of special plastic which is stable and durable. The total length of the hedge shears is 57 cm with a weight of only 627g. These measures make the tool quite easy to handle. What is more, these hedge shears require less force on your part, since they have a patented gear mechanism with 3 times higher cutting performance. So you put less effort but do more work. The high-quality steel blades are easy to sharpen and hard to wear out. They have a non-stick coating as well thanks to which you’ll have smoother and cleaner cuts, even if you use only the tips of the blades.

All in all, Fiskars is a brand that has never compromised with the quality of their tools, so you’d definitely make the right choice with them.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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6.ARS ARS-KR-1000 Ultra Light Professional Multi-Purpose Shears

This multi-purpose shear is an award winner. It is a model that takes the best features from the K-1000 L and K-1100 models. It consists of improvements such as 2 mm broader blade tips. The pivot cap too is in place of the screw retainer to ensure maximum accuracy in cutting. Moreover, the oval head of the screw makes it easily adjustable. The M4 screws are also larger for almost four times the torque. In addition, the pipes have ultra-light and durable elements. These pipes have an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and maximize comfort.

Thus, this multi-purpose shear is ideal for a beginner considering it has shock-absorbing technology. It has been enlarged to minimize the burden on hands, ensuring a user-friendly tool. The blades are made of high carbon-steel which reduces the risk of scratches, wear and tear and marks. Unfortunately, instead of rubber grips, the handle is made of plastic grip though these do maker for good edging shears.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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7.WOLF-Garten RILL Comfort Single Hand Grass Shears

These shears boast a high-quality design, which makes them really sharp and long-lasting, with a 10-year guarantee. The guarantee itself says a lot about the product quality, especially for a pair of cheap garden shears like these ones.

best cutting grass shearsThey are designed to trim lawn edges without any leftover grass clippings left in your borders. Apart from the sharp blades that increase the accuracy, the incorporated deflector is of great help while cutting the grass, considering it flicks the clippings back.

Another design advantage is that these shears come with a 180˚ rotating head, so you can trim at any angle. This has two main conflicting consequences: 1) you can use the shears with both hands, and 2) they might feel slightly awkward to manoeuvre in hard-to-reach corners.

The blades are non-stick coated, which is an advantage for increased accuracy and low-maintenance. Besides, this is one pair of single-hand grass shears that don’t pinch your hands! On the other hand, the plastic handle might not feel so great for prolonged use, considering that it might actually cause some blisters.


Don’t pinch your hands
Can be used with both hands

Difficult for hard-to-reach corners
Not an ergonomic grip

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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8.Amtech U0700 Garden Shears

Weighing in at only 680 grams, you’ll have no problems wielding these for prolonged periods. As expected from such a low cost product, the wooden handles aren’t made from the finest hardwood, but they should be ok for occasional garden use and they have a lacquered finish to improve longevity. In contrast, the 10 inch blades are actually very good and are made of drop forged carbon steel, very surprising for shears under
The overall balance of the shears is good and the wooden handles are shaped to fit in the hands better. To sum up, these are cheap shears that would suit the casual gardener who just wants to
trim the grass
or hedge every now and again without breaking the bank. If you are more serious about your gardening, you should probably opt for a product in a higher price range.
Very cheap
Easy to handle for long periods as they so lightweight
Classic look with wooden handles
10 inch drop forged carbon steel blades
Good overall balance

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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9.FELCO Model 2 Secateurs (Large)

Our experts told us that if you had to choose just one type of garden shear, nothing is more essential than a good “bypass” pruner — or secateur — which is basically a one-handed pruner with two curved blades. This is the go-to tool for clipping delicate branches and trimming shrubs, perennials, and flowers because the blades are specially designed to give a “clean cut” without tearing the plant tissue. As Morrell puts it: “The cleaner the cut, the quicker a plant heals. The quicker a plant heals, the less susceptible it is to disease.”

Nearly every gardening expert we spoke with mentioned the Swiss-made Felco 2 as the industry standard. “A good gardener or horticulturalist anywhere in the world is most likely going to have a pair of Felcos,” says Morrell. Gardeners prize the 2 for many reasons, but it’s perhaps most famous for its durability. Morrell still has his original pair from 1985. He told us that the NYBG’s School of Professional Horticulture gives a pair of 2’s to every new student. The large handles and strong coiled spring make it the most comfortable pruner on the market, our experts say. They also like that it uses interchangeable blades, which allow the pruner to feel “like new” no matter how old it is. “They’re a staple of every gardener’s tool box,” says Burlington. “I never leave home without mine.”


Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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10.Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Hedge Shear

Of course, we all know the Wilkinson Sword brand from razors for shaving. Did you know they also sell garden hedge shears? Well, this is true, and their effort actually has fantastic reviews online. Although slightly smaller than the Fiskars telescopic shears, they can still be useful for jobs around the garden. For example, the grips range from 38cm to 56cm and the non-stick coated blades help create a clean cut.

As for the blades themselves, they come in at just over 20cm and the whole unit measures 87.5cm when extended and 68cm when not extended. If you’re worried about the shears collapsing while reaching a particularly tricky part of the hedge, the extension follows a three-step process and offers a lever and locking mechanism; this keeps it secure at all times.

Finally, the soft grips allow for a pleasant experience while cutting. As we know, Wilkinson Sword is a huge brand these days, so this is one of the benefits of choosing these shears. If something happens to go wrong, you’ll have a ten-year guarantee. As long as the problem is due to the workmanship or a faulty material, you can have them replaced.

Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021
Top 10 best garden shears uk 2021

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How to buy the best garden shears

We have put together a handy buying guide that covers off the most important features of what to look for when it comes to buying hand shears.

Sharp Blades
Above I have shown what I believe to be the best hand shears on the UK market. The key to buying a good set of shears, is the blades. For effective and efficient hedge or grass cutting, the one thing you need is very sharp blades.

Ideally they should be made from either carbon, or stainless steel. The blades should also be coated with something like PTFE. That helps reduce friction when cutting, and also helps prevent the blades from rusting.

Weight and Length
Hedge shears are of course a manual tool. That means that the user has to complete a physical action to make them work. When it comes to cutting hedges, or grass, then the weight of the toll becomes important. That is because if you have to use a heavy tool, for a long period of time it can cause user fatigue.

It can also cause the muscles in the arms, legs and the back to get tired and start to ache. In the longer term, that can lead to all sorts of medical problems. The older shears used to be made of wood, with heavy metal blades. That made them difficult to grip, and they were also pretty heavy.

These days, most handles are made from aluminium tubing. That makes them very strong but also light in weight. I would recommend buying something of that nature.

Telescopic or Normal
If you have higher hedges, or wide hedges, it is worthwhile considering a telescopic option. Typically having that feature, will give you an additional 6″ of cutting length. Now I know that does not sound like a lot, but it can make a huge difference.


I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. Well kept lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and borders filled with plants, make a huge difference, to how your property looks.

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