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Top 10 Best Men’s Electric Razor – Detail Review

If you like a clean shave, it’s hard to surpass the close cut of a manual razor. But as technology has improved, so have the performance and convenience of electric razors. If you decide to make the switch, or are already a dedicated electric razor user and looking for a new one, read our reviews below of the best. We lay out the differences between the two main kinds (foil and rotary) and suggested a range with a variety of features.

Check out the quick info here of the top best men’s electric razor.

Top 10 Best Men’s Electric Razors

1. The Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9

The Braun Series 9 electric foil shaver is an upgrade to both Series 7 and older Series 9 Braun shavers with the latest design features. Although you’ll pay extra for these features, the 9370cc is well worth the money.

The cutting head consists of five separate parts — two OptiFoil shavers, a lift and cut trimmer, a direct and cut trimmer, and a protective skin guard. Together, the system provides a smooth and close shave, whether your hairs lay flat, stand up, or grow in an odd direction.

If you weren’t a fan of electric razors with pivoting heads in the past because they didn’t fit the contours of your face well, you don’t have to worry about that issue with the 9370cc. Braun includes a 10-direction pivoting head that provides all the flexibility you’ll need. You’ll also have to ability to lock it in place if you find a specific angle that works for you.

With 20% more battery power than the previous model, you’ll get a full hour of shaving time on just one charge. Considering you’ll only need to shave for a few minutes each time, you can get nearly a month of daily use on a single charge — or much longer if you don’t shave often. And if it does die, you can get enough power for a full shave from a five-minute quick charge.

As one final advantage over its predecessors, the 9370cc has one of the largest heads found on an electric shaver, allowing you to finish shaving a bit more quickly than with other electric razors. This Braun razor will work in wet or dry conditions, and you can use it with shaving foam or gel.

As a self-cleaning model, the Braun Series 9 comes bundled with a Clean and Charge station and one Clean and Renew cartridge, which contains a solution designed to clean and lubricate the shaver head before each use. Simply dock it in the station with the head facing down, press the power button, and it’ll clean itself, so you don’t have to.

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2. Braun’s Series 7

Braun Series 7

Braun’s Series 7 razors have been around in various forms for more than a decade, and they have built a reputation for producing close shaves, being durable, and providing convenience and value. The Series 7 has been a perennial pick in many customer reviews and publications, including here at Wirecutter since 2015. It’s still our favorite razor, and it has become an even better choice because it’s significantly less expensive than it used to be.

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3. Philips Series 5000

Philips Series 5000

Favouring a rotary-style shaving head over a more traditional foil option, this Philips aims to get shot of stray hairs at the first time of asking. The sheer surface area afforded to its blades ensures it usually delivers too. Given its affordable price tag, it’s tough to fault this shaver’s ergonomic plastic design and diligent work rate.

And if you do inevitably find a few neck hairs that simply won’t budge? Do your skin a favour and reach for an old-fashioned wet-shave razor instead of strumming the thing against your face ad infinitum.

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4. Andis foil shaver

Andis foil shaver

This gold-titanium foil shaver from from Andis gives you a bump-free shave, and is also great for cleaning up the base of fresh fades. It’s a barbershop favorite for a reason, and has tiered heads for a closer shave on heads, cheeks, and necks alike. Its lithium ion battery holds an 80-minute charge.

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5. Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S

Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S

This is common throughout all the different Arc 3 variations. What isn’t common though is the output of the motors that the razors are equipped with, ranging from 7 600 to 13 000 CPM (Cycles Per Minute). It comes as no surprise that the ones fitted with the more powerful units perform exponentially better.

As a result, I highly suggest you to only consider those particular Arc 3 variants, like for example the ES8103S or the ES-LT41-K. There are of course other Arc 3 models besides those that will perform identical, so as long as you see in the specs sheet that they use the 13 000 CPM motors, you’re all good.

My personal pick from the Arc 3 line would be the older ES8103S as it’s usually the most reasonably priced of them all. Since we’re talking about an entry-level shaver, the cost should be a decisive factor when making your pick. Despite looking a bit dated — it was launched almost 13 years ago — its performance is very similar to the newer Arc 3 models and they even use the same inner blades.

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6. Philips Beard trimmer Series 9000

Philips Beard trimmer Series 9000

We’ve tried many beard trimmers here at Ape over the years and for us, nothing comes close to Philips’ offerings – in particular its 9000 series.

Great for maintaining unruly beards or shaping clean edges, it incorporates a futuristic laser-guidance system to ensure symmetrical cutting. However, it’s the double-sharpened, extra-strong stainless steel blades that are the winner, delivering a superior cut every time.

A zoom wheel allows for selection and lock of the length you want, from 0.4mm to 7mm with a precision of 0.2mm. It boasts a monster battery life too: 70 minutes cordless run time after an hour’s charge, or you can use it plugged in – ideal for when you’re caught short with a flat battery. It’s also 100% waterproof.

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7. WAHL Beard Trimmer Personal

WAHL Beard Trimmer Personal

US-based brand Wahl has a reputation for being a favourite among professionals, so it’s not rare to see one of its clippers or trimmers being used in a barbershop. As well as efficient, adjustable blades at fair prices, look for a Swiss Army-style pull-out trimmer for tidying up sideburns, facial hair, and necklines.

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8. Remington F5

Remington F5

Getting a clean, smooth shave doesn’t always require the most expensive machinery. Remington’s popular foil shaver is proof that you can attain professional shaves at a budget value. The device lasts a full hour on a single quick charge and features an intercept trimmer that sits between the two foils and seizes longer hairs in fewer passes. That along with an integrated pop-up trimmer for shape-ups, and patented Pivot and Flex technology that moves with your grooves, make it impossible to overlook this oscillating facial hair remover.

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9. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver

This is a great electric shaver choice for men who frequently forget to plug their shaver in when it’s not in use; with the large battery capacity, the chances of you running out of power at an inopportune moment are low.

This cool blue shaver is another excellent example of a budget product that virtually every man can appreciate. Despite its low asking price, it brings a lot to the table that our testers really appreciated. The shaver is USB quick charging, so you’re not limited to standard power outlets to get the battery going.

Once it’s fully charged, you can enjoy 120 minutes of shaving before it needs to be charged again. This is a far higher battery capacity than most other electric shavers can even dream of. When combined with the USB charging design, it’s one of the best picks you can make if you travel frequently.

It’s also fully waterproof, and you can use this in the shower without worry. The shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer to allow detailing and contouring of the sideburns or your mustache. The main rotary head uses four-directional floating heads to provide its cutting effort.

These blades are powered by a quiet yet high-speed motor that isn’t likely to annoy you with constant, incessant buzzing as you shave. Also, they are self-sharpening and use a double-track cutter to increase the amount of space to cut every second. There’s an LED display near the bottom of the handle to let you know when you’re about to run out of battery, too.

That’s a lot of great stuff for a relatively cheap product.

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10. Braun M60b Mobile Shaver

Braun M60b Mobile Shaver

The Braun M60b Mobile Shaver is another gadget around the $20 range. Braun is always a top choice when it comes to shavers, and this travel version delivers. It won’t give you the close and tight shave a mid-level shaver would give, but this portable device does a good enough job while you are traveling.

It comes with a trimmer on the side for mustaches and beards too.

The Braun M60b is secured with a swivel cap that automatically locks to prevent accidentally engaging the shaver. When you’re ready to use it, the cap swivels down to the base and becomes a comfortable handle.

All in all, the design is well though out!

It’s powered by AA batteries that will run for two to three weeks for most people. It’s not a completely wet/dry shaver, but it’s at least washable under running water.

The wide foil blades will do a great job for thinner hair or regular maintenance of stubble.

With non-removable parts and weighing a mere 6 ounces, the Braun M60b is one of the most portable shavers you can find.

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How To Choose The Best Men’s Electric Razor?

Before you start looking around at different brands, I recommend you should define your budget, and what you’re hoping to achieve with the electric razor. If you are a beginner shaving, just starting out?

Or an intermediate user or maybe looking for an electric razor upgrade to take you to the next experience?

Everyone always has a different story and, as such, demands a different electric razor. A Panasonic ES-LV95 – no matter how great it shaves for a beginner – just won’t buy it with a professional-looking for depth in tone for this razor collection.

Just like a beauty product but won’t really be the men’s electric razor for your choice, who’s only just shaving every morning.

But don’t worry, there’s always an electric razor available to suit you, you just have to know where to buy it.

The Findings

So what needs to be represented in a shaver test. Of course hair length is probably the main issue. We all have friends that have been able to grow a mountain-man beard since 9th grade.

Some of us take all of No-Shave November to grow a goatee.

These two groups have vastly different needs. The former probably isn’t as concerned with a skin tight shave, because their 5 o’clock shadow starts coming in at noon. They’re looking for something that can just keep that forest on their chin under control.

The latter group most likely does need a shave down to the skin. Spotty coverage looks bad if grown out too long, so they need it completely gone. Plus, they probably don’t have to shave every day.

Taking it down to the skin can be brutal to if you’re doing it daily. But if you’re on an every other day schedule, you can take that beating. The best electric shaver for this group is going to be less about weed whacking their face, and more about a smooth finish.

A third group is also necessary. Men with extremely curly facial hair have completely different needs. They have to worry about ingrown hairs, but also need something with power to get through their thick beards. Without this hair type, our list would be incomplete.

We’ve also looked at people with varying skin sensitivity. If you can’t shave without intense razor burn, you have to be more careful with your selection.

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