Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

With the host of outdoor heaters available these days, there are plenty options that will add instant warmth to your patio or garden. There are certainly plenty of functional-looking models on the market, but if you’re looking for something that’s not just effective, but will also add a chic touch to the decor of your patio or garden, we’ve taken a look at Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021 with great reviews that look and work great, too.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

1.Blumfeldt Loras – Infrared Radiant Heater

The Blumfeldt Loras – Infrared Radiant Heater is every bit as beautiful as it is warm. This high-end patio heater is impeccably designed from top to bottom, making it a beautiful accent for your outdoor space. However, it delivers more than just good looks—the heater can kick off up to 42,000 BTUs of infrared heat, warming objects up to 450 feet around it.

This heat has a stainless steel and aluminum construction with a shatter-resistant glass tube in the middle, and a flickering fire effect shoots up the center for a warm, welcoming ambiance. It’s powered by a 20-pound liquid propane tank, which you place in the base, and it can run for up to 12 hours per tank. Plus, it even comes with a removable cart for easy placement, along with a remote control.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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2.LWJ Heat Patio Heater

If the size of your patio means that a large freestanding or propane heater would be a bit overkill, then the LWJ Heat Patio Heater is probably just what you’re after. This small portable fan heater has an adjustable thermostat, can be used inside or outside, heats up extremely quickly, and is rather stylish to boot. One happy reviewer shared, “This is a great outdoor heater that is small and doesn’t take up too much room… great for small balconies or inside a garage… Kept us warm and didn’t make any noise. Has a safety feature where it will automatically shut off if you forget to turn it off. This thing heats up fast; I was surprised how well it worked.”

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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3.Broccoli Patio Heater,

Glass-tube (or pyramid-style) heaters are another popular propane design, and the Broccoli Patio Heater, is our favorite. It doesn’t put out quite the same level of heat as our top pick (40,000 BTUs, as opposed to 48,000). But this model contains the heat in a vertical glass tube, instead of pumping it out the top of the heater and deflecting it downward (where the people are). That centrally positioned heat source provides a pleasant, even warmth whether you’re sitting or standing. Plus, you get to watch the flame dance in the glass tube, which is just plain cool. The Broccoli Patio Heater, is otherwise pretty similar to its mushroom-topped counterpart, the Broccoli Patio Heater, with the same wide distribution and reliable customer service from AZ Patio Heaters.

We also considered electric patio heaters, which aren’t nearly as powerful as propane heaters, but their infrared elements make you feel like they’re warming you more directly. Most of those models put out 1,500 watts of heat (equivalent to about 5,100 BTUs), and they come from the same factory, regardless of their branding.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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4.Umbrella Heaters Electric,2000WElectric Parasol Umbrella Patio Heater

During the day, your outdoor parasol can provide shade when the sun gets a bit too strong. When the sun goes down, however, and you start getting the chills, a patio heater is required.

If the thought of a giant heating device in your garden is off-putting, this model is fantastic as it can be mounted within a parasol – you won’t even see it unless sitting directly under the umbrella.

As for heating, it warms up within minutes and provides a wide range of heat thanks to the three lamps that each face a different direction.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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5.Outsunny 2kw Wall Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater

While heat output is clearly important, patio heaters can play an aesthetic as well as functional role in your outdoor space. This is where the Outsunny 2kw Wall Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater excels. Although this Outsunny 2kw Wall Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater  struggles to generate the same level of warmth as the other freestanding patio heaters on this list, the stylish, eye-catching ‘dancing flame’ feature is sure to attract attention and generates an atmospheric flickering light.

Like other pyramid-shaped patio heaters, the Outsunny 2kw Wall Mounted Infrared Electric Patio Heater puts style over substance to some extent. There are certainly more efficient ways of heating your patio. But if creating ambience is high up your list, this is one of the best patio heaters out there.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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6.Gardenesque Outdoor Electric Steel Heater

Rightfully so, the Gardenesque Outdoor Electric Steel Heater has earned a reputation as one of the best infrared patio heaters. An electronic heater is great because it takes up much less space, and it’s easily mountable.

This outdoor heater can be mounted from 8 to 14 feet high and is mostly inconspicuous. With it, you won’t have to worry about refilling gas, and it requires minimal maintenance. What makes this one of the best patio heaters is that it’s eco-friendly. It’s able to convert up to 90% of energy to provide warmth on your patio.

You’ll get heat coverage of about an 11-foot by 11-foot area. Each heater requires a 30 amp (at 240 volts) circuit.

Reviewers Like

Nice for a workshop
Still heats in the wind
The wiring is simple for anyone who knows electrical work
Reviewers Dislike

It gives off a lot of red light
Heat isn’t as far-reaching as some would like

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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7.Enwebalay Outdoor Patio Heating Stove,Flame Heater

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to electric and propane heating units, the Enwebalay Outdoor Patio Heating Stove,Flame Heater is for you. It’s powered by recycled sawdust wood pellets with each 20-pound load burning for about three to four hours. It’s also made of robust steel with a sharp black finish. With a no-fuss, no-frills design, this portable option is a great choice for camping trips and picnics alike. Plus, it has a heat blanket of about 10 feet, providing enough warmth for a quaint outdoor destination.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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8.FUSKANG Electric Hanging Heater,

This was one of the first patio heaters reviewed on this website and with good reason! It has been the #1 best selling garden heater on Amazon and one of the most reasonably priced heaters on the market for years.

It comes in 3 different “formats” depending on your heating requirements and whether you want it floor standing, wall mounted or baseless. It also comes with a basic level of water protection. The quartz infrared bulbs are rated for up to 5,000 hours of life and the Firefly 2kW comes with a 2-year warranty.

This is a perfect starter heater for the home user that works both indoors & outdoors! Although the heating area is mediocre, expect some heat but not all that much coverage.

You can also get a discount of ~£5 if you order two heaters at the same time.

Cheap to Run
Weatherproof (IPX4)
Easy to Assemble & Adjustable Height
Multiple Power Settings
Long Element Life
Mediocre Heating Area
Leaves Something to be Desired Aesthetically

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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9.DDLL Table Top Gas Patio Heaters for Outdoors,Calor Gas Heater

When it’s talked about the best family year-round heaters, which keep the temperature high to moderate, DDLL Table Top Gas Patio Heaters for Outdoors,Calor Gas Heater stands at the top of the best heaters list.

It offers the handiest methods for starting the heating mechanism with an electronic ignition system.

The base is most appropriately equipped with the capacity to hold about 20lbs of the propane tank.

Thus you don’t have to fill the tank most often. Moreover, the stability is ensured with the availability of a weighted base which secures it as well.

It can heat up to a 20-foot circle around the heating lamp. This heating radius is more than enough for a comfortable sitting in winter evenings. Plus, the ultimate warmth of about 48000 BTU with a wide-angle is present in it.

A substantial amount of heat is provided with the reflector panel associated with this great heater.

The ignition control is accessed through the piezo ignition system, which ignites the heating with a single breeze.

The presence assures the mobility of the Dyna-Glo heater of attached wheels at the bottom. Such wheels make it easy for the users to move it with excellent access.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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10.Patio Gas Heater,Table Top Patio Heater, Mini Modern Steel Umbrella Propane Patio Heater

Ensure your outdoor gatherings are full of warmth with the Patio Gas Heater,Table Top Patio Heater, Mini Modern Steel Umbrella Propane Patio Heater. What makes this heater extra special? Its pyramid shape features a 360 degree view of a decorative flame inside of a 4 foot tall glass tube, plus there’s a color-changing LED light show (12 different colors!) at its base.

This heater provides up to 10 hours of heat on the highest setting with a 20 pound propane tank. It also comes with a remote control, cover, and wheels.

Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021
Top 10 best patio heaters in UK 2021

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How to choose the best patio heater for you

Before you invest in a portable heater, make sure it checks off all the appropriate boxes for your wants and needs. There are lots of different styles and sizes out there, so you’ll want to find one that’s just right in regard to both features and aesthetics.

Deck/Room/Patio Size
If you’re just adding some warmth to a small porch, you won’t need the most powerful heater on the market. And not every home has the proper indoor/outdoor space for a standing heater. (The tallest one on our list is about 7.5 feet. Not exactly compact.) Measure accordingly.

BTU (British Thermal Units)
This is the formal measurement for all heating appliances: the higher the number, the higher the potential temperature. While tabletop heaters usually pump out 10,000 to 12,000 BTUs, larger heaters can blast your yard with 40,000 BTUs of heat or more.

Heater Types
There are several types of portable patio heaters:

Free Standing – This is the best patio heater for large outdoor spaces. They generally consist of a pole, base, heat reflector, and heating source (gas or electric).
Mounted – These heaters are better if you don’t want them to be the center of attention. They’re meant to be permanently installed in discrete locations (such as a high wall near the ceiling.)
Tabletop – These are much smaller than their mounted and free-standing brethren, and far more portable. They’re usually electric, and come in a variety of interesting styles.
Infrared – Energy efficiency is #1 with these heaters. They’re not that portable, but they heat up quickly, and are best for families with small children.
Heat Sources
There are three primary types of heat sources:

Propane – This is the most popular option, and it heats up very quickly. Often found on free-standing heaters.
Natural Gas – If you’re a homeowner, having a natural gas-powered heater is your cheapest, cleanest-burning option. Best for the outdoors.
Electric – By far the most convenient option, electric heaters are generally less energy-efficient than propane or natural gas. You’ll run your electricity bill through the roof if you’re not careful.
Safety Features
If you’ve got kids, the best patio heater for you might be the one with the best safety features. As you shop, look for tilt-over protection, automatic shut-off valves, and cool-touch glass. (Infrared heaters can be a good option for families, since there aren’t any physical flames.)


While electric patio heaters are a bit safer because of natural restrictions to electrical output and built-in safety mechanisms in modern home wiring, you should be careful about placement, said Dan Mock, brand manager for Mister Sparky, an electrical services company. Taping down wires can prevent accidental knock-overs and is especially important if you have kids or pets running around. Plug-in heaters require a lot of electricity, so Mock also recommends not having too many things plugged in at the same time as your electric heater. Electric patio heaters aren’t all dust and waterproof either. Check the manufacturer specifications and look for an IP Code rating of at least 55, which means the device can handle some dust and water.

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