Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

Wearing the right gear (especially a shooting jacket and a pair of shooting trousers) when out and about in the field is vital for your comfort and safety! Buying the perfect shooting and stalking clothing is also a way to keep the gamekeeper and shoot manager happy too!

hunting and shooting welliesPerhaps you like to wear a pair of wax over-trousers, or perhaps you prefer tweed breeks. Whatever your preference is, you will then need to consider whether they are fully waterproofed and breathable? So, making the right choice is really important!

This buying guide has been designed to help you choose the right shooting trousers so you are safe in the knowledge that they will help keep you comfortable and dry, wherever and whenever you are out and about at a shoot.

There are many different styles and types of shooting trousers available which are suitable for a range of different weather conditions and environments. Listed below are a collection of Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021 along with examples of their main features and benefits

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

1.Härkila PH Range trousers

Harkila PH Range Trousers are a sturdy, working pair of regular fitting trousers made from patina-washed cotton canvas ideal for summer. They feature a multitude of useful pockets for storing essentials and leather trim for reinforcement. These hard-wearing practical hunting trousers are part of the Harkila PH range which are designed for people who enjoy working outdoor in warmer weather but who need great functionality for all occasions.

This new PH range was inspired by Africa’s professional shooting guides who guide shooters through the unforgettable savannah encounters. Made from a Patina cotton washed canvas which is breathable and noiseless making them extremely robust and comfortable.

Available in Dark Sand in sizes 46 – 40 (UK waist 34-46″)

Made from 100% Cotton, patina washed canvas for a rugged hard wearing material that is breathable and very comfortable to wear next to the skin
Jeans button closure
Spacious thigh pockets with press stud closure for storing kit
Slanted top pockets for easy access
Pocket divider in right left pocket
Cartridge holder inside right thigh pocket
Back pockets with press studs
Matching Gilet, shorts shirt and cap available to complete this rugged safari styled shooting apparel

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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2.Sitka Men’s Hunting Water-Repellent Camo Dakota Pants

The Sitka Gear Men’s Water-Repellent Waterfowl Dakota Pants are a brilliant option for waterfowl enthusiasts seeking a particularly warm, and rugged pair of hunting pants that can stand up to the abuses to marsh jumping and traversing standing crop and cut stubble fields.

These are designed as mid to late season pants, offering awesome insulation and weather resistance. The Dakotas can effectively be worn as an outer-layer during the early and mid-season, but also wear quite nicely as mid-layer during the truly frigid parts of the late-season. This makes them a wonderfully versatile, more or less all-season pair of pants depending on how you utilize them.

These pants furthermore pair great underneath duck waders, proving their effectiveness as a mid layer.

The fleece lining of these pants is what’s really providing the warmth here, but the stretch nylon woven shell effectively blocks wind and light precipitation, ensuring the elements don’t invade your comfort. Four-way stretch in the fabric accommodates unrestricted movement, and the Dakotas are furthermore well rated for quiet movement.

Not only are these pants comfortable, quiet, and versatile in their insulating applications, the Dakotas are also ideal for covering some real ground in the field. Concealed thigh pockets for stashing some on-hand essential gear are present, and the durable outer fabric stands up very well to abrasion and abuse in unforgiving environments. Whether you’re blind hunting while stationary or covering miles while jumping marshes, these pants are up for the challenge.

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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3.Montane Men Minimus Hiking Pants

These lightweight pants are built for fast hiking or trail running, and pack down into a tiny pouch for easy portability in small rucksacks or large running belts. Montane even has a picture of them next to an apple to drive home how small they are when packed – if you have space to carry an apple, you can carry these. The trousers have quarter-length side zips so they can be pulled on quickly over trail-running shoes or hiking shoes (though it might take a bit more finagling to get them past a full boot), and they are highly breathable so your higher-intensity activities don’t result in sweaty legs.

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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4.Karrimor Mens X Lite Running Tights Pants Trousers

Karrimor Mens X Lite Running Tights Pants Trousers for hardcore activities.2-layer GORE-TEX provides the ultimate weather protection while the articulated knees and double layer fabric from the knee down will keep you comfortable and protected when crawling through undergrowth. Whether you’re tracking animals or just heading off the beaten track, the Karrimor Mens X Lite Running Tights Pants Trousers will ensure you’re protected and prepared.

Wash inside out
Wash with similar colours
Do not use biological washing detergent
Do not use fabric softener

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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5.Deerhunter Approach Trousers Adapt

This Realtree adapt camo trouser is designed for the committed hunter, dedicated to the silent, unseen approach

Comfortable and functional, breathable fabric with a water repellent finish, reinforced in high contact areas, such as the lower leg, with the waterproof Deerhunter® Stormliner® membrane

Low noise, low rustle fabric, brushed on the outer for a soft touch finish

Soft fleece on inner surface

Part elasticated waist for a comfortable fit. With detachable suspender braces.

Ample selection of practical pockets, including; One leg pocket with ergonomic zip opening and knife pocket, two hip pockets, one back pocket with zipper.

Shaped, articulated knees for ease of movement. Adjustable hem with strap and velcro fixing

Sizes Small to 4XL
Colour; DH 62 Realtree Adapt

Material: Shell fabric: 100% Polyester

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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6.Deerhunter Daytona Classic Waterproof Shooting Trousers

These are the ultimate waterproof trousers for shooting, hunting and stalking. The 2-layer Gore-Tex® laminate is durably stormproof and breathable to keep you completely dry and comfortable in all weathers. The inside hem has an anti-wicking fabric to prevent moisture being drawn up inside the leg. Side zips allow you to easily pull the trousers on over boots too. These Highland Ultra Lite Trousers are super lightweight so you can layer up with a thermal base layer beneath.

2-layer Gore-Tex® laminate for incredible waterproof and windproof protection and breathability
Elasticated waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
2 side pockets
Zip side leg for easy pulling on over boots
Belt loops including a double belt loop for added durability for attaching items
Anti-wicking inside hem prevents water being wicked up inside the trouser leg
Outer: 69% Polyester, 31% PTFE, 2-Layer Gore-Tex® Laminate
Lining: 100% Nylon
WP: 28,000mm
MVP: 17,000g/m2

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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7.Freiesoldaten Men’s Outdoor Cargo Pants Windproof Water Repellent Softshell Trousers

This a manufaturer specializing in producing outdoor products. All styles are high quality and cost-effective.
This pants are specially designed for hiking, mountaineering, skating and other outdoor sports.On the basis of warmth,storage,free motion, adds a fashion element.

Freiesoldaten Men’s Outdoor Cargo Pants Windproof Water Repellent Softshell Trousers are an extremely popular choice of action trousers for adventure travellers, as well as climbers, who want one pair of durable but versatile trousers to suit a range of outdoor activities. Terra Pants are reinforced to prevent rips and tears and the quick drying Tactel fabric is both water and wind resistant. If you are looking for ultimate freedom of movement on the hill, trail or cliff, grab a pair of these Montane trousers and prepare for action!

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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8.Shooterking Active Lite Cordura Trousers

The Active Lite Cordura Trousers are well suited to those who require lightweight clothing that can endure active outdoor sports. These trousers have been constructed from a 100% SEALGAIR PRO 250-G shell making this design of trouser hard-wearing , strong and highly durable, whilst remaining lightweight. Stretch Cordura is used over the bending zones, where more flexibility is required.

The Active Lite Cordura Trousers are also highly functional with an anti-slip and partially elasticated waistband for added comfort and movability. The pre-shaped reinforced knees offer better protection and allow for additional stretch, as well as adjustable Velcro straps on the calves to improve the fit.

These trousers also feature a variety of pockets, including two open hip pockets and two large pockets on each leg for maximum storage.

Available for both men and women.

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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9.Regatta Men’s Professional Wetherby Insulated Over Trousers

These might be some of the priciest pants on this page, but by jove they’re decent. The waterproofing comes courtesy of Polartec’s NeoShell, a membrane that’s highly regarded by our gear testers on account of the impressive amount of breathability it provides. What’s more its added advantage is that it doesn’t rustle as much as, say, standard Gore-Tex lined fabrics, and it also has a good deal of stretch to it.

The face fabric isn’t the burliest, so you do need to take a bit of care with these. In other words, don’t go smashing through branches and bushes.

Because they’re so breathable, we wouldn’t really consider these as overtrousers, but rather as something to wear all day, perhaps over some baselayer leggings. However, you should be able to wear these over a light pair of walking trousers if you wanted to.

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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10.Lee Cooper Men’s 205 Cargo Multi Pocket Cargo Work Trousers

Robust and yet lightweight outdoor trouser in polyester-cotton fabric. Front of legs and seat are reinforced with a strong fabric against wear and tear. Big stretch panels in front and back for a smooth fit.Spacious front pockets. Two leg pockets suitable for mobile phone or wallet. Lower hem is adjustable in width with snap buttons.

These practical trousers have a windproof and waterproof HWS (Harkila weather system) membrane which is perfect for hunting because of how lightweight and supple they are, provides room for movement. The Stornoway trousers also have a dirt and water repellent finish, complete with a fine mesh lining to insulate and let the air circulate. The practicality shines through, with the D-ring on the left side of the trousers wasitbelt to ensure you can attach items of equipment and further more they have two front pockets and two thigh pockets with waterproof zips and a cartridge holder in the right thigh pocket. The perfect modern choice for hunting in.

Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021
Top 10 best waterproof shooting trousers in UK 2021

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How to buy the best waterproof shooting trousers

A comfortable pair of waterproof trousers is essential if you’re caught hiking in bad weather. Find out what features to look for when buying the best waterproof trousers.

What waterproofing features should I look out for?

Waterproof trousers are designed to be worn over a base layer of leggings or trousers for protection in wet conditions.

Many are made using microporous fabrics, such as Gore-Tex or eVent. These fabrics contain a membrane made with billions of microscopic holes that are too small for water to get through. Instead, the water forms beads on the outer surface, where it eventually dries up or runs off. The microporous membrane is often sandwiched between a protective outer layer (usually coated with a durable water repellent) and a fabric inner layer that provides additional comfort.

What waterproofing features should I look out for?
Modern waterproofing techniques are so effective that water doesn’t usually get through the main body of fabric – it’s more likely to seep in through the zips, seams and pockets. Features such as taped seams, storm flaps to cover the pockets and zips, and Velcro ankle tabs should reduce the chance of leaks.

You’ll need some protection on your top half, too, so if you’re choosing a waterproof jacket at the same time, one with a drop tail at the back will give added protection to your bottom.

What about ventilation?
If you’re out on a challenging walk, it won’t be long before you start to sweat, and this can lead to condensation and dampness building up inside your waterproofs. Some waterproof overtrousers include three-quarter-length zips that run up the side of the leg that can be opened to allow some air to circulate.

Are they easy to get on and off?
Waterproof trousers are designed to be put on and taken off as the weather dictates. If you’re caught out in a sudden storm you won’t want to be fiddling around with uncooperative zips and tight ankle openings. Most brands come with leg zips and elasticated waistbands, which should help you get them on and off without having to take your walking boots off first.

Once they’re on, Velcro ankle tabs can help to provide a tight seal around your boots or shoes to protect you from wet vegetation or the occasional puddle splash. A drawstring inside the waistband is a good idea too, as it means you can tighten it up for snug fit and to keep the rain out.

What about comfort?
Make sure you try the trousers on over your normal walking gear to ensure there’s plenty of room to bend your legs when walking or climbing. Shaped or articulated knee sections can help your knees bend more freely for unrestricted movement.

Our latest survey shows that some of you wear your waterproof trousers on their own in the summer and over a base layer in the winter. This was particularly true of Paramo branded trousers. Owners of Paramo waterproof trousers commented that you can wear them on their own because the fabric is soft and doesn’t rustle as much as traditional waterproofs.

How should I care for my waterproof trousers?
You might think that washing waterproof trousers will remove the water-repellent coating, but washing can actually prolong the life of your waterproofs. This is because dirt and oils (such as those from sweat and sunscreen) reduce the water-repellent coating’s effectiveness.

Wash your trousers with liquid soap or a gentle detergent to remove dirt and oil, then tumble dry or iron them on a cool setting. Don’t use fabric conditioner as this may contain oils or fragrances that stay on the fabric.

If you still find they’re not as waterproof as they used to be, you could try topping up the water repellent effect using a wash-in re-proofing product, available from outdoor retailers.


As an avid hunter or outdoorsman, you know just how unforgiving the sticks and brush can be. You can’t have an effective hunt when sharp sticks cut your skin up and the moisture from long grass weighs you down. Whether you’re planning a hunting trip or just need pants for traversing the wilderness brush, you need pants specifically designed to allow you to move freely, keep your protected, comfortable and dry.

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